About Us

Global Bollards is a Melbourne based company with offices also in Brisbane.
Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality bollards to our clients at a fraction of the cost. Global Bollards has originated from Global Zone - a security company of over 30 years.  
Please check out our parent company website to further your security systems and integration needs  - www.globalzone.com.au
Global Bollards understands just how important it is to secure what is important to you. Wherever you may need a bollard, be sure to know Global Bollards has you covered. 
Meet the Global Bollards Team: 

Bayden Farmer - Founder & CEO

"I have over 30 years experience within the Security Industry. I am very passionate and hardworking and truly believe in the Global  Bollards brand and products. You will not be disappointed with the price - nor quality from Global Bollards"

 IMG_7601.jpegAngela Taylor - Global Bollards Executive Manager

"I have worked for Global Bollards since it started and I could not be more proud of its growth and development. I enjoy assisting people and businesses around Australia with their bollard requirements. I believe bollards offer peace of mind to many and I get great satisfaction knowing we are able to secure their goods and premises with our products."